I want an iPhone?


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So this is my post about something technology related. I want an iPhone. The desire started off with just an iPod (I think I’m the only person on the planet without one at this point) and has grown to me needing a nifty gadget that plays my music, checks my email and makes my phone calls. Just one problem… if Santa brings me an iPhone, my T-mobile contract isn’t up for many more months. So I’m still debating if I want to blow my Christmas money on something I can’t use for a while or just settle for this cute little iPod.


wiki sandbox

It was neat to be able to be a contribute to a webpage. I have a hard time understanding the practical purpose of this though. I understand that it’s for the purpose of having fun… sharing information… the collective mind… yada yada… but is it really the best way to find info? Instead of spending time with the info you’re looking for, seems like you’d just be spending time sifting through what people think of the info. Maybe I don’t quite grasp the concept yet. Ever feel like you were born between two generations?

Library 2.0

I guess with Web 2.0 there is now so much content that it seems overwhelming to me. I did enjoy the days when you went to a site, got the info you needed and that was it. Now you have to wade through a whole bunch of junk from just any old body to find the facts. I love myspace and facebook and all those other time killers but when it comes to finding information, I want a clean website that is not bogged down with a lot of junk and oppinions I care nothing about.

As for Library 2.0, here is my favorite quote on the subject taken from Away from Icebergs:

Reliance on user education Libraries are poorly equipped and insufficiently staffed for teaching. Ask yourself what your patron-to-librarian ratio is (at the University of Nevada it’s about 680 to 1) and then ask yourself how you’re going to train all those patrons. We need to focus our efforts not on teaching research skills but on eliminating the barriers that exist between patrons and the information they need, so they can spend as little time as possible wrestling with lousy search interfaces and as much time as possible actually reading and learning. Obviously, we’ll help and educate patrons when we can, and when they want us to, and the more we can integrate our services with local curricula, the better. But if our services can’t be used without training, then it’s the services that need to be fixed—not our patrons. One-button commands, such as Flickr’s “Blog This,” and easy-to-use programs like Google Page Creator, offer promising models for this kind of user-centric service.


Wikipedia scared me when I first heard about it and I refuesed to use it. All I can remember is teachers telling me that it was not a reliable source for information since every Tom, Dick and Harry could edit it. ISince it has gotten the green light from the information finding masters (Librarians) I have consulted it a couple times and it’s been pretty useful. I don’t like the way the page for SJCPL Subject Guides is set up. I like Book Lovers Wiki better. But again, when clicking on the Library Success: A best practices wiki the first thing you see is: “Update! Because of vandalism problems, e-mail confirmation is now required.” See, kinda scary if you need legit info.

news feeds

There is nothing I follow closely enough for this to be useful to me. Not even the news. As for following blogs, I enjoy keeping up to date with what my coworkers are writing about but have yet to find someone that it worth monitoring through a blogreader.


Using so many different computers throughout the day, it is hard to keep track of all of the neato webpages I find. I had heard about del.icio.us before but did not quite comprehend what it’s purpose was. Seemed to have a lot of dots in the address so that was even more confusing to me! Now that I have viewed the tutorial and messed around on the site I now know what I was missing!

They’re comming back! Yay!

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So this has absolutely nothing to do with Learn n Play but I just have to share the exciting news. One of my all-time favorite bands (The Legendary Shack Shakers) used to play at Little Brothers when they still had shows. When they stopped we still got to see our band but we had to travel all over the tri-state area. We hounded them everytime we saw them about coming back to play Columbus. I mean really, that’s were we groupies are so it would be in everyone’s best interest if they just blew into town from time to time. Well my friends the time has come! They will be playing at Milo (the old elementary school that was taken over by artists) on October 2, 2008! Before the show they will even be showing The Colonel’s movie “Seven Signs“. So if you enjoy “field hollers, funeral marches and murder ballads…amped up to eleven that sounds like Southern Gothic/punk blues” come see one of the best stage shows between here and Kentucky!