Learn n’ Play summary

Overall I think this was very beneficial. I often feel on the other side of the “technology gap” and this has given me encouragment to try new things that I might not have otherwise. Some of the things, such as twitter, rss feeds the bloglines thingy, didn’t really appeal to me but now if a customer asks about them I won’t just give the deer caught in the headlights look, I might actually be able to help a little.



So the site is easy to use and I was able to find a couple that I wouldn’t mind reading. Only problem was it kept popping up an error message about not being able to find permission from something. Maybe since it’s a library computer it doesn’t have permission to do that. Dunno.


Seems like a neat-o idea but it just isn’t as captivating as youtube.


Ever since I found youtube I have been a big fan. This is one of the few internet toys that I have used before. The only thing that irks me is some videos are unable to be embedded. It was recommended that I see Steve Martin doing his balloon animal stand up comedy, so I just jumped on youtube, types in a few keywords and here it is:



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I was very impressed with the site Make. My favorite DIY projects were the floating books shelf and all the different Halloween costumes. There’s definitely something for everyone here.

My Heritage

granny johnson

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I was so excited to see My Heritage on the list of tools to play with. I have used this site in the past to record all of the family history info that I’ve come across. The best part about this site is when it automatically smartmatched me to someone else’s tree. It ended up being a long lost cousin from my Johnson side of the family.

Google Docs

This is super neat-o! The next time a customer asks about saving a document on a floppy or CD rom I’m going to show them this tool. Floppys are unreliable and we don’t have cd writers so this is a tool that can be utilized by basically everyone in any community. It’s never fun when you go to open a document that you’ve emailed to yourself and it turns out to not be compatable with the machine you are currently using.